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About Robert B. Gregg

Robert B. Gregg is an award-winning producer, screenwriter, novelist, and journalist.

Gregg was a Finalist in the 2019 Chicago Film Festival Screenwriting Competition for his feature script “The Last of the Mohicans 1812”. The script was also a finalist in the 2020 Atlanta Film Festival and 2020 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competitions.

Gregg recently optioned his feature screenplay “Never Quit” to Dale Bradley at Inspiring Films. The film is in development and scheduled to be shot next summer and fall. Never Quit is the true story of Glenn Cunningham, one of the greatest track stars of all time.

Adrian Bol, who recently completed production on 2020’s “Legacy of Lies,” a Russian spry thriller, will direct the film.

Gregg has completed nine feature screenplays in the past nine years, including the award-winning “Jack London’s Love of Life”. The film was released worldwide and WON all Four International Film Festivals it was entered in, including the following honors: Louisville International Festival of Film, Best Feature 2012, “Jack London’s Love of Life.” Great Lakes International Film Festival, Best of Festival, 2012 “Jack London’s Love of Life.” Moondance International Film Festival (New York City), Finalist, Atlantis Award 2012, “Jack London’s Love of Life.” Snowdance Film Festival (Washington) Best of Festival, 2013 “Jack London’s Love of Life.”

Gregg’s two epic historical novels, “King Arthur & The Holy Grail,” and “The Holy Grail: More than a Legend” are finished and ready to be released, along with his adventure/thriller “Moonshadows”. He has recently completed the biography “Never Quit,” which he adapted into a screenplay.

His screenplays include The Last of the Mohicans 1812, Moonshadows, King Arthur & The Holy Grail, Jack London’s Love of Life, Unforgiven, The Christmas Ship, The Maelstrom, Never Quit, and Tock- Tick.

Gregg was an award-winning journalist for over 30 years, winning over 40 journalism awards. He served on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Press Association for 10 years and its Executive Committee for 5 years. He was unanimously elected president of the Michigan Press Association in 1999. Gregg served as Chairman of the Associated Press Readability Committee for six years. He is a former Benedictine monk, and lives with his wife, Nancy, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.